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Collaboration and Visualization

There are plenty of ways to make meetings work. But couldn’t they work better? We’ve all been overexposed to makeshift methods for collaborating remotely. Now, with the proverbial whiteboard wiped clean, it’s time to boost the technology experience and connect better.

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Montreal, Canada

Big Screen Advantage

Consider the office experience a lifestyle upgrade. Give strained eyes a break and come in and use sleek, high-resolution, large-format displays with wide viewing angles that give people plenty of room to spread out. Visibility won’t be a problem with high-brightness displays that can stand up to any of modern architecture’s glass-infused ambient lighting conditions.

Rethink the video wall as an expanded visualization surface, too. Now these multi-paneled, vast terrains of finely detailed imagery are smooth and seamless, like one magnificent panel of collaborative real estate. Annotate from the comfort of your own chair with a mobile device, or facilitate group interaction with a multi-touch interactive display. Users can add comments or fine-lined illustrations with confidence, knowing that robust processing was designed to keep up with narrow styluses and natural movement. And mouse-tracking has been elevated to an art-form.

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Planar HB Series Huddle Board

Planar® HB Series Huddle Board displays are large format, 4K resolution, LCD touch screens with embedded tools tailored to in-room and remote unified communication. The huddle boards enable one-stop collaboration ideal for conference rooms, study group spaces and design centers; or the executive home office.

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Reston, Virginia

Connect More

There is a luxe version of the tech-enabled collaborative space, and team members near and far will gravitate toward the more engaging visual interaction it can provide. The goal now is to walk into a room and connect. It should be a little bit like clicking a link to join a meeting, but better, more personalized, with human-scaled visualization of remote participants to help you see eye to eye. Opening up a more expansive video landscape engages the peripheral senses and connects team members to their surroundings and remote colleagues in far more effective ways.

Built to pair easily with third-party collaborative software tools, and with processing prowess that enables rapid, artifact-free transitions between multiple content sources, Planar visualization technologies embody an adaptable future. A range of capabilities and sizes are engineered to optimize room standardization efforts, readying a broad scale of rooms for instantaneous and consistent communication.

Don’t get distracted by clunky collaboration. Let seamlessly integrated technology support the conversation in the background, moving a shared vision to the foreground.