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Branding & Visitor Experiences

With the tempo of a mobile device delivering new notifications, the flexibility of digital media is transforming the look and feel of the office. Architecture is no longer static. Surfaces have been enlivened with exciting new visualization layers. What was once a wall is now an animated canvas that can reflect mood, messaging and data in dynamic new ways that drive and energize team members.

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Gold House LED Public Art Display

Burnaby, British Columbia, Canada

Energizing Architecture

Each workplace has its own story. And that story evolves more rapidly now, keeping pace with constantly shifting goals and messaging. This ever-morphing narrative lives mainly in the digital realm, and more and more, its output manifests beyond small screens onto larger visualizations throughout the built environment

Design the office as the ultimate conversation piece, adding narrative to interior design and prompting dialogue about distinctive elements of a brand. Use large-scale video and interactive surfaces to express the inner workings and motivations of an enterprise. And think beyond the interior to create connection with the neighborhood and community using weatherproof displays outdoors. A completely customized, original work of visual art will set your location apart in the minds of potential new talent and clients alike.

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Plaza Coral Gables

Corel Cables, Florida

Expressive Experience Centers

Create a focused moment to tell a bold story about the “why” of an enterprise with an experience center emboldened with visualization elements choreographed in an immersive spectacle of brand definition. Vibrantly depicted brand stories instill an emotional connection with the workplace, reminding inside and outside audiences why they need to keep paying attention to what happens next.

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Northwestern University

Evanston, Illinois

Tailored Technology

Possibilities abound, and the technology is ready. Diminutive flat-panel displays mesh well with interior decor, and when it comes time to engineer that massive artistic vision, Planar’s expertise can help deliver.

The newest concepts can be instantly reflected across the built environment through digital displays and curated media landscapes that flex and change in a constantly expanding conversation. Keep the narrative moving with content that responds in real-time, and foster real connection with your audience.