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Engaging the 21st Century Student

Digital transformation is reshaping higher education and the most visual example of this trend is the adoption of display technology across university campuses. Display solutions from LED and LCD video walls to interactive installations are especially well suited to academic environments—today’s college students have grown up in a technological world and are well accustomed to these tools. Digital technology is not only intuitive - it’s how they learn.

Create a powerful impression

Universities must find new and effective ways to appeal to college-aged learners. Stunning LED canvases and touch screen video walls deployed in visitor and welcome centers offer a creative way to captivate and generate authentic interest among prospective students. High tech displays demonstrate that an institution is forward looking, building credibility in the minds of students.

Likewise, display technologies featured in new or renovated athletic facilities serve as compelling recruitment tools, allowing universities to showcase their programs and attract top talent.

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Enhance the Student Experience

To boost student retention, universities are modernizing or building new facilities with amenities and technology upgrades to support the student experience. Places like student centers and student unions provide common areas to socialize and are core to promoting a strong student community.

At these campus hubs, large format video walls and digital displays installed in atriums, student lounges and other spaces allow universities to better connect with students and help foster a more dynamic campus environment.

Foster a Collaborative Learning Environment

As versatile educational tools, display technologies are transforming the way universities approach teaching. Interactive touch screen video walls inspire collaboration, teamwork and group problem solving, and enable professors to adapt to the way younger students participate in learning.

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Planar Higher Education Installations Overview

Display Applications in Higher Education Environments

Visitor and Welcome Centers

Visitor and welcome centers provide universities with an important first opportunity to engage and impressive student recruits. Large video walls create a ‘wow factor’ in these areas and provide a compelling medium to greet prospective students and showcase information.

Immersive, multi-touch video walls invite visitors to explore content about the school and allow universities to forge deeper and more personalized connections with potential new students through interactive storytelling.

Athletic Facilities and Locker Rooms

Recruiting is a big part to building successful collegiate programs. To better compete for top student athletes, universities are building state-of-the-art training facilities, locker rooms and player lounges—amenities that are crucial for influencing a recruit’s decision to attend a school. Highlighting these facilities, dynamic LED video walls and creative LED installations—including curved arrays—generate excitement and demonstrate a university’s commitment to its players. Video displays offer huge appeal to student athletes for watching sports and gaming, helping to build team camaraderie.

Student Centers and Student Hubs

At student center and student hub buildings, striking video walls and durable digital displays in atriums, recreation centers, student lounges and flexible spaces help enrich the student experience and can be used for entertainment, news, wayfinding and displaying campus events and information.

Lecture Halls, Classrooms and Labs

In lecture halls, large-scale video walls are abundantly visible from anywhere in the room, providing clear and vibrant content for enhancing talks and presentations. Interactive video walls are fast becoming essential tools for the modern classroom and lab—supporting research, innovation, and reshaping the role of visual technology in higher education.

Security Control Rooms

At universities and colleges of all sizes, ensuring a safe campus environment for students and teachers is paramount. In campus security control rooms, high-performance video displays featuring superior visibility, mission-critical designs and redundant power supplies provide dependable monitoring and video surveillance across campus properties.

Recommended Solutions: LCD Video Walls, Large Format LCD Displays

Clemson University College of Business

Planar Technology Supports Immersive Educational Experience at Clemson University’s Wilbur O. and Ann Powers College of Business

The Wilbur O. and Ann Powers College of Business at Clemson University has a new state-of-the-art facility that has been compared to a think tank environment. Completed ahead of the 2020-2021 academic year, the 176,000-square-foot building brings students, faculty and industry together in a collaborative and inspiring space fitted with forward-…

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