Touch Technology

Vibrant Touch Screen Displays

With nearly 30 years in the specialty display industry, Planar is a leader in durable, vibrant touch screen display solutions. Planar offers a wide range of LCD touch screen display solutions from small custom LCD displays to large LCD video walls.

Durable and dependable, Planar touch screen displays enhance customer experience when used in demanding point-of-sale, point-of-purchase, and high traffic public access environments. Enabling a venue to instantly become state-of-the-art, the use of Planar touch screen displays change the experience of a customer, enabling them to seek information or perform on-site transactions. To enhance any public space, retail environment, or hospitality venue, Planar touch screen displays come in a variety of sizes, performance options and configurations.

Planar's touch solutions incorporate the latest touch technologies including Resistive, Capacitive touch screen, SAW, IR, and Optical. With one to 32 touch points, Planar touch screen displays can allow multiple people to interact with the display while not affecting other users. With well-integrated touch technology, Planar touch displays enable pinpoint accuracy and prevents false touch points.

Touch Screen Benefits

There are many benefits in selecting a display with touch screen technology. Touch technology provides a fast and intuitive interface for users and simplify customer interactions. Users do not have to know how to use a computer and can simply touch the display to make selections. No keyboard is required, saving valuable space.

Select the Right Touch Screen Technology

The chart below provides an overview of various touch technologies available. For a more thorough description of touch technologies refer to our white paper on Touch Technologies

Technology Touch Points Touch Input Size Accuracy Picture Quality Applications
Resistive 1 Any Input 15-19 Okay Fair, Coating over screen Great value for basic touch

Finger and soft stylus only

15-19 Okay Good, Glass Great value for basic touch: especially when a clean screen is important
Projected Capacitive Touch Screen 2 -10 Finger and Stylus 15-32 Excellent Good, Glass Best overall experience and look. Similar to smartphones
Optical Up to 32 Any input 24+l Varies Good, Glass Supports test gestures, but implementation is critical
IR (infrared) Up to 32 Any input 42+ and Video Wall Excellent Good, Glass Best performance for tiled video wall and large format displays
  • Touch technology available LCD displays and video walls
  • Wide range of touch technologies available 
  • Multi-touch display solutions available to allow multiple users to interact without affecting other users