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As a leading expert in mission-critical display technology, Planar understands the need for rugged and reliable display solutions engineered explicitly for use in critical environments that demand 24/7/365 operation. Planar's wide portfolio of commercial display products are tailor-made to last, packing reliability features that resist everyday wear and tear to keep display systems running and costs down.  Featuring the highest quality components, Planar displays endure rigorous quality assurance tests to ensure years of dependable, maintenance-free performance.

In professional applications where other displays reach their limits, Planar video walls and large format LCD displays are the ideal solution. Reliability features designed within Planar video wall and large format LCDs that deliver 24x7 operation include:

Clarity® Matrix® LCD Video Wall System and Planar® Mosaic® LCD Video Wall

  • Commercial grade LCD panels operates at lower temperatures and with less power
  • Off-board electronics designs reduce heat load on the LCD up to 20%
  • Rack-mounted quad controller and power supply designs reduce heat and allows for efficient cooling
  • Redundant power supply options ensures uninterrupted operation in the event of a power supply failure
  • Open frame design facilitates optimal air flow and ventilation
  • Temperature-sensing capabilities built into the LCD panel

Planar® UltraRes™ Series

  • Commercial grade LCD panel operates at lower temperatures and with less power
  • Edge-lit LED technology reduces the heat load on the LCD
  • Local dimming backlight reduces power usage and heat
  • Failover power supply ensures uninterrupted operation in the event of a power supply failure
  • Full back panel ventilation provides optimal air flow and cooling
  • SNMP support allows for alert generation based on display temperature
  • Auto source detection feature allows panel to go into low power standby mode when new source is detected

Planar® EP Series and Planar® PS Series

  • Commercial-grade LCD panel operates at lower temperatures and with less power
  • Ambient light sensing and backlight control for operation at optimal brightness
  • Metal bezel enhances heat dissipation
  • Anti-burn in mode creates slight frame motion to mitigate image retention
  • Edge-lit LED models reduce the heat load on the LCD up to 50%

Clarity Matrix video walls and Planar large format LCD products also have built-in features to assist in optimizing LCD life, such as on/off scheduling and auto screen saver. In addition, these displays are built using high MTBF components to ensure optimal reliability. See the applicable Product Manual for further tips and advice on extending display life.

Clarity® LED3 Series Rear Projection Video Walls

  • DLP® technology for zero image retention and no screen burn-in for the life of the product
  • Maintenance-free illumination system lifetime rated at 100,000 hours in Eco Mode
  • Power optimized for less heat dissipation and longer life parts
  • Advanced PV2 screen design for long life use and continued image quality


  • Displays designed to perform in the most demanding mission-critical environments
  • Easy-to-operate maintenance capability helps keep displays up and operating 24x7
  • Any system failure is easily isolated and identified, reducing downtime and keeping you in touch with the crucial video data you need to manage your environment

Mentor Automotive Lab

Planar Displays Help Pave ‘Road to Innovation’

Mentor Automotive, a Mentor Graphics brand, is a technology leader in vehicle systems engineering and a creator of automotive solutions that span from in-car experience, to connectivity and networking, to subsystems and technology. As a strategy for better showcasing their latest products, Mentor in fall 2016 opened a novel demonstration center in Novi, Michigan.

Created in collaboration with AV integrator Diversified and me…

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