Custom Solutions

Bringing visual concepts to life

Creative and Custom Solutions make unique, first-of-its-kind projects run smoothly and quickly as our experts work with your team. With experience in a diverse range of markets and applications, Planar can ensure the development of a unique LED Video Wall, configured LED Video Walls, or a custom display that matches your exact requirements.

For many, customization is a chief means of product differentiation. Planar® Creative Solutions opens a world of video possibilities for your unique application using LED.

Whether your project is a uniquely shaped architectural design, an interactive immersion experience, a collection of sharp curves or unique angles on already existing structures, Planar has the capabilities and desire to deliver what you want.

Planar's passion and mission for delivering world-class captivating LED displays is deeply rooted in our long company history and in the talented, experienced team of engineers, sales, marketing, and operations globally. Our drive to stay at the forefront of new and exciting technology, as well as our longstanding presence in the AV industry proves our continued commitment, dedication and excitement for bringing your unique LED designs to life.


Creative LED Solutions and Services

Creative LED Services gives you the ability to think big, be bold, and bring your concepts to life. Our Creative Solutions Experts work with you to discuss the concept of your project, timelines, budgets, design, site requirements, and service/installation specifics.

  • Designs any shape or size
  • Projects large and small
  • Perfect for indoor or outdoor
  • Variety of pixel pitches to meet all types of viewing distances
  • Bespoke and custom designs


OEM Solutions Also Available

As a leader in display technology for over three decades and as the market share leader in fine pitch LED, we are a leading supplier of LED video wall technology to other display brands and companies around the world. The OEM offerings include private-labeled product, custom configurations, and components suitable for integration into third-party designs and architectures.

Some of the world's leading brands rely on Planar to design and manufacture their display and video wall products.

  • Bring excitement with creative LED products and design services
  • Unlimited size and shapes
  • Broad range pitches and formats
  • Solutions for indoor and outdoor
  • Fixed and temporary installations
  • Your unique vision brought to life