Beyond HD: 4K & Ultra High Resolution Displays

4K & Ultra HD Displays

The AV world is rapidly moving "beyond HD" - and for good reasons. Appetites for resolution for a number of applications continues to grow. As displays and video walls get larger, more resolution is required to fill them. As visual data sets continue to increase in complexity, more pixel density is required to provide the acuity needed to find insights. As higher resolution video becomes increasingly inexpensive and easy to capture, higher resolution displays are required to exhibit the full beauty of that content. And as all of us grow used to massive pixel density and crystal-clear images from today's smart phones and tablets, demand for resolution across all displays increases.

4K bug new24K and Ultra HD are used interchangeably in the commercial and consumer display industry to refer to video products that are 3840 pixels wide by 2160 pixels in height (3840 x 2160).  The resulting Ultra HD display is essentially 4-times the resolution of full HD (1920 x 1080) and has over 8.2 million pixels (or 8.2 megapixels).  When equipped with native resolution content and sources, the results are impressive with 4K resolution delivering 400% more pixels than full HD resolution!

More Detail for Lasting Visual Impact

There is no denying the visual impact of native 4k content on an Ultra HD display - it is simply stunning.  Fashion photography takes on a whole new level of realism.  Wayfinding applications are actually compelling, with even the finest text readable even at close viewing distances.  Visualization applications in corporate, academic or government environments are delivered in amazing detail, even when users “zoom in” on the content.  Things never before possible with video display are now possible.  This is why luxury retail brands, leading information display companies and some of the leading visual simulation companies in the world are adopting 4K displays at a rapid pace.

Proven High Resolution Experience

Planar has been operating in very high resolution environments for years and offers a wide range of 4k display solutions to meet the needs of applications that require the highest in pixel density. With tiled LCD video walls, tiled rear projection video walls, large format 4K LCD displays, and 4K desktop monitors, Planar delivers Ultra HD display solutions to suit a wide range of applications requiring the highest resolutions.


  • AV world is moving "beyond HD"
  • Higher resolution sources are more widely available
  • Video wall sizes continue to grow, demanding more and more resolution
  • Planar has applied expertise in ultra high resolution display technology to current and future products under development