Directions to Planar Headquarters

Directions From Portland International Airport to Beaverton Facility

1195 NE Compton Drive
Hillsboro, OR 97006-1992, USA
Main: +1-866-475-2627      

Portland International Airport to Beaverton Facility

1. Start out going East on NE AIRPORT WAY

2. Take the I-205 S ramp towards PORTLAND/I-84/SALEM. 0.49 miles

3. Merge onto I-205 S. 2.59 miles

4. Take the I-84 W/US-30 W exit- Exit 21B- towards PORTLAND. 0.35 miles

5. Merge onto I-84 W. 5.08 miles

6. Take the I-5 S exit on the left towards SALEM. 0.35 miles

7. Merge onto I-5 S. 1.15 miles

8. Take the I-405 exit on the left towards US-26/BEAVERTON/CITY CENTER. 0.30 miles

9. Merge onto I-405 N. 0.66 miles

10. Take the US-26 W/12TH AVE. exit- Exit 1D- towards BEAVERTON. 0.48 miles

11. Merge onto US-26 W. 9.18 miles

12. Take the 185TH AVE. exit- Exit 64- towards ROCK CR. 0.29 miles

13. Turn LEFT onto NW 185TH AVE. 0.58 miles

14. Turn RIGHT onto NW CORNELL RD. 0.50 miles

15. Turn LEFT onto NW AMBERGLEN PKWY. 0.39 miles

16. Turn LEFT onto NE COMPTON DRIVE 0.3 miles

17. Continue on NE COMPTON DRIVE/NW COMPTON WAY 0.1 miles

18. End: Arrive at 1195 NE COMPTON DRIVE, BEAVERTON  

Total Estimated Time (in good traffic conditions): 31 minutes  Total Distance: 24.46 miles