Foundations for Success

With global manufacturing, marketing, sales, R&D, operations and a growing base of high-performance technologies, Planar is uniquely positioned to supply specialty display solutions for the information age.

We operate under 7 Pillars, stating the core values that guide our actions.

Vision and Values

The Planar Pursuit, Our Vision: Be the global leader in the digital signage market.

The Planar Purpose: Leverage our innovative display technology solutions for our customers.

Planar Corporate Values are expressed as the 7 Pillars, which we use to engage employees for Company success. The 7 Pillars are:

  • Debate, Commit, & Support
  • Execute with Integrity and Accountability
  • Win Together
  • Go Above and Beyond for our Customers
  • Drive Improvement
  • Be Bold
  • Act with Urgency

Planar values its employees and our employees:

  • Believe in teamwork, open and constructive communication, and that together we can achieve anything.
  • Openly discuss issues and alternatives, collaborate on solutions and improvements, and are accountable for our results.
  • Are enthusiastic about success and believe fun, fulfillment, and achievement go hand in hand.
  • Have opportunities to develop and leverage their skills and experience to the benefit of both themselves and the company.