Aug 17, 2012

Planar Products Like Art Work Themselves

Hiroshi Sugimoto, an internationally-acclaimed Japanese photographer, is best known for his hand-printed black and white photos, which are grounded in his Newtonian study of light and color. He had an ingenious idea of photographing an entire movie in a historic movie theater. Opening the shutter in the opening act and closing it after the credits roll. This long exposure creates a predictable, yet still magical, glowing white image as all the colors in the film combine to create white light. This white light illuminates the majestic architecture and detail of the theater. In the picture below, the Fox Theater in Detroit, Michigan is uniquely More…
Aug 02, 2011

Handmade and Beautiful

In the August issue of Wallpaper* magazine, they profile the exhibition they organized in the Brioni palazzo during Salon del Mobile in Milan this Spring. Congratulations to our friends at StudioDror for the dividing screen they exhibited with Alpi. Their design continues to inspire new uses and implementations.