Jan 23, 2013

Sound Design features Planar and Runco displays in new showroom

Texas Runco dealer Sound Design, recently updated their Horseshoe Bay main lobby showroom which now features three Runco and Planar displays. (Left to Right) Planar® Mosaic™ architectural display, Runco® Vistage™ V-63HD, and Planar® Clarity® Matrix™ 3x2 display.
Aug 16, 2012

Runco Broadens Award-Winning LightStyle Series with High Bright LS-10HBd Projector

  Introducing the new Runco® LightStyle LS-10HBd projector. Part of Runco’s award winning LightStyle Series, the LS-10HBd creates stunning video at a scale unattainable by other display types. It will provide homeowners exceptional entertainment value without compromising video quality or scale. With its 3-chip, 1080p design and stunning brightness, the LS-10HBd opens up new projections possibilities in the home. The incredible brightness, along with the ISF™ Day and Night modes of the LS-10HBd, make it possible for families to truly get the most from their DVDs and Blu-ray® discs, television programming, internet video, and computer-based media More…
May 11, 2012

Runco LS-1 Projector featured on The Street recently revealed their list of the top ten business sales tech tools to have in your sales arsenal to close that deal and the Runco Lightstyle™ LS-1 projector was #1 on that list. Click here to view the "10 Coolest Tech Gadgets to Seal the Deal". Runco LS-1  
Aug 19, 2011

Digital Signage Trends: 3D

Despite the fact that 3D displays and projectors are growing in popularity, it was noticeably absent from InfoComm 2011 (though it was featured as a special interest). One of the biggest arguments within the 3D world right now is between active and passive glasses. For the human brain to perceive a three-dimensional image, each eye needs to see a different signal. Active 3D uses glasses with shutters in them. About sixty times a second the shutters close and then open and each eye alternates. Everything is linked to the TV so that the right eye image is displayed while the right eye piece is open on the glasses. Then it switches for the left eye More…
Feb 10, 2011

The 3D Society’s Annual Creative Arts Award Show chooses Runco 3D Home Theater Projector by Planar

Planar is a sponsor of the International 3D Society's Awards in 2011. The Society has been founded to advance the art and technologies of stereoscopic 3D content and its professional innovators. They do this by hosting educational opportunities for showcasing work, recognizing achievement and advancing member growth.This year's Awards took place this week (8.-9. Feb) at the Manns Chinese Theatre, including live 3D demonstrations. Planar's own Runco projector, the Runco D-73d, was chosen as the Official Projector for the Annual Creative Arts Award Show.The Awards ceremony was televised in 3D and broadcasted on 3net, 3D TV Channel to be launched during More…