Sep 04, 2012

Architectural Video Walls Redefining Interior Space

New leading-edge technology and architectural video walls are certainly redefining interior spaces. The design imagined by Ben Nimes at Pratt Institute during the Form and Technology workshop illustrates a new innovative way to truly captivate an audience using technology like the Planar® Mosaic™ architectural video wall system. In their design concept, not only is the display face engaging, but the entire unit itself moves to interact with the viewer as they approach and traverse the wall bringing the space to life. Photo courtesy of Pratt The Planar Mosaic family includes three different tiles shapes and sizes, including a truly square LCD More…
Aug 09, 2012

Planar LookThru Display Box Adapted Into Multiple Industries

Earlier this summer Pratt Institute hosted the Form and Technology workshop under leadership of Scott VanderVoort. The goal of this workshop was to intersect the latest Planar products with the fresh creativity of Pratt’s design students and thought leaders.The students spent a lot of time working with a sample of the 32” Planar® LookThru™ transparent display. During this workshop the students at Pratt Institute generated ideas of how Planar’s pioneering transparent technology could be incorporated into different industry settings. Here are two inspiring creations the Pratt team envisioned using the transparent LCD surface glass. 1)Jacob Turetsky More…
May 30, 2012

Pratt Institute, Form and Technology: Week 2

Planar has partnered with New York's Pratt Institute for a summer workshop, Form and Technology. The class explores Planar LookThru during week 2 of the workshop. Click here for photos and details: LookThru prototype in a fabricated enclosure  
May 18, 2012

Form and Technology Intro Class

Tuesday evening I participated in the kickoff of the Form and Technology workshop at the Industrial Design department at the Pratt Institute under Scott VanderVoort and department chair Steve Diskin. The goal of Form and Technology is to intersect the latest Planar products which “unleash architectural expression” with the fresh creativity of Pratt’s design students and thought leaders. My goal for the class introduction was to impart a solid technical understanding of Planar products, and impart our vision of using video as a building material. We can’t wait to see the ideas that this class will inspire! After I gave a quick overview of Planar, we More…
May 17, 2012

Pratt Institute + Planar Systems

Planar has partnered with New York’s Pratt Institute for their summer workshop, Form and Technology, which allows students to explore Planar products such as the Clarity Matrix, Planar LookThru and Planar Mosaic. Planar’s VP of Technology, Ben Clifton welcomed students the first day and gave insight to Planar technologies and innovations. The workshop will encourage young designers to play a more dynamic role as a designer and embrace content creation & curation as a deeper way to connect with products and audiences.The Pratt Institute workshop runs May 15 – June 14.To view photos and information about the first part of the workshop and read More…