Aug 08, 2016

Planar EP Series LCD Video Display

The Planar® EP Series is a line of Ultra HD resolution (3840x2160) professional LCD displays that were showcased at InfoComm 2016.
Jun 24, 2011

Efficient is the New Sexy

By James WoodShe rolls up in her new car and steps out. Both are drop-dead gorgeous and everyone around stops to stare. What did you imagine? No, not the woman, the car. If it were 20 years ago you might imagine her emerging from a rumbling Dodge Viper or descending from a Humvee. But today its more likely that a sexy car is something like the Tesla Roadster all electric sports car or even the Toyota Prius getting 50 miles per gallon. The world has changed in not that much time so the cars that used to be drool-inducing would now cause us to wince while imagining the cost of filling the tank.The rising cost of energy and rising concerns about the More…
Jun 06, 2011

Less Is More

By James WoodThe words of Tim Allen, playing Tim the-tool-man Taylor on TV, “More POWER!” are followed by a series of grunts. It feels manly to just think about it. More power must mean more options, better performance and improved productivity. Almost everything you see as you walk through your day is trying to convince you to get more: more meat on your burger, more money in your bank and more horse-power in your car. More, more more.What if “more” isn’t always the answer? What if less is more? The phrase comes from a poem by Robert Browning: Who strive – you don’t know how the others strive To paint a little thing like that you smeared Carelessly More…