Apr 29, 2011

From Chandeliers to Emergency Shelters

By: Jennifer Davis - Jennifer B. Davis is all about technology innovation and is a customer advocate, business executive, mom, and loves her job as Planar's VP of marketing.  She often writes about the intersection of art, design, and display technology.Innovation is unpredictable.  Dror Benshetrit’s QuaDror architecture which was first designed to make a table-top chandelier for Swarovski has been extended to create a strong and sustainable way to fashion emergency shelters for disaster relief.As we have seen some of the incredible things that people are doing with Clarity Matrix, I am excited to see how far the technology can go.  
Mar 21, 2011

Life Lessons on Innovation

By Jennifer Davis I had the privilege of participating in StudioDror’s launch of their new design geometry, QuaDror. It was held at the New Museum in Manhattan and an overview video was featured on the Planar ep55 flat panel, which was part of the display.At a press conference hosted by Linda Tischler from Fast Company and Kimberly Brooks from Huffington Post, Dror Benshetrit spoke about his inspiration.He said that at the launch in South Africa the week before, he met a teacher who encouraged students to first love, then do, then create, and then share.It seems to me that this is the formula for innovation. You have to first start with empathy and More…