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Aug 29, 2013

Top 6 Benefits of a Tiled Video Wall of Planar UltraRes 4k Displays

Planar built a 3-wide tiled array of our new Planar® UltraRes™ 4k display at InfoComm 2013, which stopped traffic and turned heads. Here are the six things that made it unforgettable: 1. Combining the pixels of 3 separate 4k displays delivered a whopping 12-times full HD resolution canvas. That is over 25 million pixels on a single wall. 2. The Planar UltraRes features an optional and proprietary mounting system called Planar® Profile™ which results in a very narrow mounting depth and our unique tiling kit creates the smallest image-to-image gap between displays of this resolution. 3. The wall is extremely large. Each panel in the array measures More…
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Aug 14, 2013

Three reasons not to choose between 2D and 3D on the Planar UltraRes UR8450-3D

Although 3D has gone mainstream in the television and home cinema markets, so much so that it is taken for granted and hardly used in so many homes, the world of 3D visualization is growing strongly in commercial segments. The use cases for 3D vary from computational chemistry to geospatial engineering, from collaborative product visualization to design reviews of architectural projects. The best 3D experiences work with your body’s own visual system to create the 3D effect. It is, after all, an optical illusion. A trick to get each eye to think they are seeing stereo. Some systems use LCD shutter glasses and others, like Planar’s new UR8450-3D More…
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Aug 05, 2013

4k Connectivity

With today’s graphics cards, content servers and video processors supporting a combination of HDMI, DVI, SDI and DisplayPort outputs, it is not uncommon to have to convert one signal type to another.  Luckily, there are converters available today and those choices continue to grow in the market. Some conversion is passive, meaning that there is compact device requiring no external power. While others are active or powered, in which case the conversion device will be larger, will require a power source, and typically will be more expensive.  The general rule of thumb is that the newer, higher bandwidth connectors like HDMI and DisplayPort can passively More…
4K content on 4 K screens
Jul 30, 2013

4K content to 4K screens

The 4K ecosystem can be summarized as Capture – Play – Connect – Display, and all four pieces have to be there to create a useful solution. Working back from the display itself, driving a 4k screen with 4k content is a matter of connectivity and source. Connecting a 4K (3840 x 2160) resolution source to a 4K display typically involves some combination of HDMI and DisplayPort connections. In both cases, the version of the standard implemented is a critical factor in the display’s ability to receive a 4K signal over a single connection. The table below summarizes the capacity, in terms of resolution, refresh rate and color depth, that the various HDMI More…