Finding the Line Together

I watched a comedian recently who made a horribly inappropriate joke (I won’t even attempt to give this context as it was pretty bad) and when he got groans and reactions from the audience, he replied “That was a new joke. I see we are finding the line together. And there it is.” That got a good laugh and got him off the hook.

I think in nimble marketing organizations, we do the same thing. Sometime we try new things. New campaigns. New platforms. New experiments and A/B tests. We try out new channels. We try out different messages. And we win some and garner industry accolades and business success. And we lose some, earning only groans or sarcastic jabs from sales or even from customers. We find the line together.

But we can never stop trying new material for fear of failure. We have to find places where we can test with maximum insight and minimum risk. This is why you will hear of comedians going to open mic nights at small clubs to test out their materials. This used to be lower risk before cell phones and streaming services, but it is still less impact than say trying a new joke on an HBO special.

We at Leyard and Planar are doing more beta and pilot versions of things as a way to get feedback on new sales tools, messaging, and campaigns before fully committing to implementation. This has already lead to great results, and allows us to move a bit faster with the implementation of new ideas. And we continually find the line together.