How Long is 50,000 Hours?

The typical lifetime of Leyard and Planar’s LCD display solutions is 50,000 hours. That means that if you turn on a Clarity® Matrix® LCD Video Wall right now, the LCD displays will run for 50,000 hours before they achieve half-brightness (and will continue to run beyond that, of course).

Let’s put it all into perspective:

  • 50,000 hours is over 5 years
  • 50,000 hours is over 297 weeks
  • 50,000 hours is over 2,083 days

What could you do in 50,000 hours?

  • You could travel to the moon and back 347 times.
  • You could drive from Los Angeles, California to New York, New York 2,439 times.
  • You could have Lord of the Rings Trilogy marathon over 73 times.
  • You could watch every NFL game for 195 seasons.
  • You could walk all the way across the United States 54 times.

Here are some things our customers do with the 50,000 hour lifetime of an LCD video wall:

  • Monitor real-time operations in a control room.
  • Display advertising and brand content.
  • Present company information to visitors in executive briefing centers or board rooms.
  • Film and distribute news content in front of a broadcast set design.

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