What questions should customers be asking their display vendors?

We had a chance to connect recently with Marques Girardelli, our manager of electronics platforms at Planar and Leyard and I asked him “What should customers be asking their integrators and display vendors?” and here were some of the ideas that topped his list. These are all great questions that will help you specify the right display for your next project.

  1. Rather than just asking about HDMI 2.0 support, ask about what features are supported
    1. What is the max resolution?
    2. What color sub-sampling rates are supported, and at what resolutions?
    3. What color depth is supported?
  2. Is HDCP 2.2 supported? On which connectors?
  3. What are the max cable lengths that I can use with each input connector?
  4. Can multiple inputs be displayed at once?
  5. Which inputs can be looped out to another display, if any?
  6. What media player or expansion interfaces are available? If OPS, can it support 4K @ 60Hz?
  7. What scheduling features are available?
  8. Is there a serial control protocol available? Is it easily readable in order to facilitate control system development?
  9. What network features are available? If the display just says “network support”, find out exactly what it supports (control, e-mail, SNMP, web server, etc).
  10. Is the display fanless?
  11. How easily can the product be serviced in the field?

What other questions would you add to this list?