Digital Displays in Employee Communications

Customer facing digital displays tend to be an easier sell than employee facing screens. For customers it’s about engagement; the more a customer engages in a positive way with a brand, the more likely they are to make a purchase – or repeated purchases. But for a business to invest in displays for employees two things need to be clear: the content and the benefit.

Best practices in digital communications

Displaying information to customers is a well-established field known as marketing. Using digital displays as a platform for marketing doesn’t require new thinking or new departments within a company. You might be surprised to know that neither do employee-facing displays. All of the content that would go on the screen is already being created in the form of reports, encouragement, activities, corporate information, and employee education.

Share the wealth with your employees. If a laudatory email comes in, you can post it to your digital display for everyone to see. If your stock is up, highlight that on the display. Where it might slow down your employees if you were to forward an email to all of them, it takes just a moment for them to see that same email, praising the work that they’ve been doing, on a display in the break room or common area.

Stay organized as a group. Project managers are already creating workflow charts for their projects, those charts can help employees to see what everyone else on the team is up to. So with a glance, your team members could see who is working on the portion of the project about which they have a question. That saves time and helps to motivate everyone to work together.

Create buy-in from everyone. Displays can give real-time information about Twitter feeds, work volume, and the key performance indicators specific to your business. So instead of waiting for a report at the end of the day or week, employees can see the real-time impact of their work.

Digital communications productivity benefits

The key way to use digital communication for employees is to drive engagement. According to the McKinsey Global Institute, when employees are engaged their productivity improves by as much as 25 percent. Everyone wants to be a part of making something great, but employees can lose sight of their role in the overall process. Digital displays can highlight the value of each employee, no matter how large the company.

Specific, public, timely praise for employee success is one of the best motivators. Instead of waiting for a month to recognize an employee for their hard work, using digital displays you can share a great review that an employee received immediately for the whole company to see. Public recognition encourages even harder work in the future by both the employee that was praised and the ones who weren’t, because they see that good work is recognized.

Efficiency drives productivity. Reducing waste invariably increases productivity, so finding ways to use digital signage to make communication more efficient – like posting memos, company announcements, and project data – results in a more efficient workforce when they don’t have to spend time at their computers processing emails that could as easily be shown to everyone at the same time.

Goal tracking helps create a team environment that pulls everyone forward. When the daily, weekly, monthly, and annual goals are all known – and shown – the team can see clearly how their work from day to day impacts the overall productivity of the team. When the goals are well set – that is they are realistic, specific, and timely – showing the work of the team on a digital display helps all the members to work harder. If they achieve their goal on a day, they can celebrate a job well done, or if they miss a goal, they can look for ways to improve for the future.

Ultimately, employee communication is about connecting people to the work they do. Happy, well-informed people make every company better and more productive.