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Sep 23, 2015

Behind the Scenes: A Conversation with Planar's CIO/VP of IT, Jeff Maurer

We are running a series of interviews with our executive team. Today we hear from Jeff Maurer, the CIO and VP of Information Technology. Q: Jeff, how long have you been at Planar?  In the industry? A: I’ve been at Planar for eight years!  It’s been a fantastic experience and the time has flown.  Interesting and challenging business problems to solve; fun and passionate people; great products.  I’ve been in the display industry for 19 years, starting with InFocus back in the mid-90’s. Q: What are the top things you do for the company?  What is your role? A: I support the Information Technology team as CIO/VP of IT.  It’s an interesting role More…
Sep 09, 2015

What’s the Difference between 4K and UHD?

If you’re confused by the different labels for the newer displays out there, you’re not alone (and this isn’t a new thing). Usually technology develops faster than the labels that apply to it, but, multiple competing technologies might have different names until the standards are set. If you remember the confusion of figuring out what was HD, Full-HD, and 1080p, you get how the confusion of standards works. 4K vs. UHDIn a technical sense, 4K is the standard developed by cinema to express a resolution of 4096 by 2160. Which works out to an aspect ratio (the comparison of the width to the height) of 1.9:1. Since most movies are shot in the 1.9:1 aspect More…
Sep 02, 2015

Architects Using Digital Displays

Architecture is both an art and a science. Without the art, buildings become bland, stolid fixtures, but without the science, structures might not even stand, let alone inspire. Where architecture is at its best both function and form come together to create something that is both beautiful and practical. Purpose over Personality Within the world of architecture there are stars, just like in every other realm, and those famous architects have created stunning structures to earn their clout. But looking at the purpose behind the design is becoming as important as the person creating the design. The managing partner at the innovative firm NBBJ, Steve More…
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Aug 28, 2015

An Insider’s Look at Planar’s Marketing Team

In partnership with Saturday Academy’s ASE program, Planar offered an internship this summer to Emily K., an honors student attending a high school in the area.  As the summer wrapped up, she had a chance to share some insights about her experience. Q. What was it like working at Planar? A. Initially, I chose Planar in the hopes of improving my communication and video editing skills, as well as to gain insight and a hands-on experience in an office work environment. All of which can be checked off the list as throughout the summer, I gained significant knowledge about the office work life. I formed a web of connections as my work took me around the More…
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Aug 20, 2015

Behind the Scenes: A Conversation with Planar's VP and CFO, Ryan Gray

We are running a series of interviews with our executive team. Today we hear from Ryan Gray, CFO. Q: Ryan, how long have you been at Planar? In the industry? A: I have been at Planar for almost a decade now. Q: What are the top things you do for the company? What is your role? A: As CFO, my organization and I are responsible for ensuring compliance with all external reporting requirements, instilling a strong control environment and protecting the assets of the company, ensuring adequate liquidity/financial resources are available to drive the company’s strategy, providing useful and actionable data/analysis to enable rapid decision-making, More…
Aug 13, 2015

Your Vision Comes First

The most impressive video wall installations begin with a vision: a sense of purpose, an idea of a customer experience, a message to communicate, a space to fill, a visitor to impress. See how your vision can come to life using Planar’s video wall calculators. The Planar® DirectLight™ LED Video Wall Calculator enables you to build a seamless LED video wall and download technical specifications, renderings and request a quote for your next project. It is a free, online tool that simplifies the video wall selection process by helping customers visualize and plan for their LED video wall installations even before they make their purchase. The unique More…
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Aug 03, 2015

Behind the Scenes: A Conversation with Planar's VP of Research and Development, Sam Phenix

We are running a series of interviews with our executive team. Today we hear from Samantha Phenix, Planar’s VP of R&D. Q: How long have you been at Planar? In the industry? A: I joined Planar in April of 2014, but I have worked in the display industry for most of my career. For many years I worked in R&D at Barco’s Medical Imaging Division. After Barco, I worked at Dell and then at Intel, developing vertical marketing strategies for a variety of scientific applications where displaying and interpreting visual data play a huge role. Q: What attracted you to Planar? A: Living in Portland and working in the display industry, I kept an eye on More…
Jul 30, 2015

Planar and our products are different – in a good way!

It is a balance that we seek to strike each day at Planar: moving fast, experimenting and bringing our expertise and commitment to quality to bear on product innovations. You see this kind of creativity illustrated in Planar’s product lines. It was our experience in video wall solutions that lead to the award-winning design of the Clarity® Matrix™ LCD Video Wall System, with it’s off-board architecture, thin mounting depth, and highly-differentiated features. Certain features might be poorly imitated, but not replicated by followers in the market, Clarity Matrix stands as an example of how experience and expertise in a field leads to new innovations More…
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Jul 23, 2015

Digital Displays and Signage in Healthcare

Imagine the last time you went to a hospital or clinic. You were either going for your own medical need or to support someone you care about. Either way, the process is fraught with stress and confusion. Adding to that difficulty checking in, finding where you need to be, and then waiting and you have a recipe for unhappy people. Digital displays can help with the entire process of getting people where they need to be, checking in, and making the wait time easier. Healthcare Digital Trends One of the biggest trends showing up in hospitals is indoor, digital wayfinding. Think GPS navigation for inside the hospital. Connexient has created a system More…
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Jul 15, 2015

Behind the Scenes: A Conversation with Planar's VP of Marketing and Product Strategy, Jennifer Davis

We are running a series of interviews with our executive team. Today we hear from Jennifer Davis, the VP of marketing and product strategy. Q: What are the top things you do for the company? What is your role? A: My team is responsible for our product roadmap and strategies.  Product managers act as mini-CEO's of their product lines to ensure that they meet customer needs and have a winning value proposition that represents great return on the investments Planar makes in these products and platforms. My team is also responsible for all of our marketing communications: generating demand, building the Planar brand, and equipping our reseller partners More…