An Insider’s Look at Planar’s Marketing Team

In partnership with Saturday Academy’s ASE program, Planar offered an internship this summer to Emily K., an honors student attending a high school in the area.  As the summer wrapped up, she had a chance to share some insights about her experience.

Q. What was it like working at Planar?

A. Initially, I chose Planar in the hopes of improving my communication and video editing skills, as well as to gain insight and a hands-on experience in an office work environment. All of which can be checked off the list as throughout the summer, I gained significant knowledge about the office work life. I formed a web of connections as my work took me around the whole marketing team, adding to my knowledge of digital signage while exploring Planar’s products to produce online video content.

Q. What impressed you most about working at Planar?

A. I was amazed with the amount of teamwork and collaboration that was put into each of the products that Planar sells. The different functions all over the building and the world, from engineering to operations to marketing, worked together to bring an idea or design to the final product, and that’s not an easy task. The whole process involves so many individuals who bring their own special set of skills and knowledge to create unique products that our customers appreciated and that earned industry awards and recognition.

Q. What did you learn about this summer that you will apply to your future education and career choices?

A. Aside from furthering my interest in business communications and computer science, the hands-on experience I gained this summer has left me with a greater understanding of the office work environment and a higher awareness of how integrated digital signage products are in our lives. I have also learned that I enjoy being creative in my work and communicating with others to complete a project, which I hope I will be able to apply in my future education and career plans.

Q. Why is it important for Oregon companies to get involved with organizations like Saturday Academy?

A. Saturday Academy is a local non-profit aimed at enriching the educational experiences of students in the Portland area. By getting involved, is has a ripple effect in which Planar gets to see young minds develop into future scientists, writers, teachers, businessmen, engineers, and influential people who then move on in the world to positively affect many others. By participating as a Science and Engineering internship host, Planar has an opportunity to give back their expertise to the community in a way that has long-term impact.

Q. What advice do you have for students interested in working for technology companies like Planar?

A. I truly recommend for students at least a little bit interested in technology or the digital world to reach out to a company or organization that can help you find an internship in that field. It allows you to follow your curiosity and get a better understanding of potential career choices you might enjoy.