If Your Walls Could Talk, They Would Ask for Planar

Dear designer,

First off, thank you for building me.  I like to think that I am an exceptionally beautiful and functional wall and I am delighted to be a part of your space.  I think we will have a long lifetime of collaboration.

I have noticed, however, that I am a bit plain.  Sure, there is a framed print hanging near the window and I like the shade of gray that you picked for paint, and I don’t want to sound ungrateful for the little adornment.  But we could do more.  I could be more.

I have been comparing notes with other walls and it seems that there are lots of great options for facing me with a video walls.  Something that would bring me to life.  Something that would replace paint with pixels.  Something more befitting your dynamic brand and my vibrant personality.

And what I found in my research is that the best video walls in the business come from Planar Systems.  This company, headquartered outside Portland, Oregon, makes the most technologically advanced and easy-to-install products in the industry. 

The video walls are the thinnest available, allowing me to still meet the ADA safety and accessibility requirements.  Plus, they are front-serviceable and built for 24x7 reliability, so that downtime is reduced.  Because I don’t want to be out of service. 

And furthermore, they have an innovative design that moves power supplies (and their noisy fans) and sources of heat off the wall into rack components that can be installed down the hall.  This is important because then you don’t have to perforate the wall with lots of electrical outlets to add a video wall (the kind of interventions, I’d rather avoid).

Always striving to be flexible, I would accept either the award-winning Clarity® Matrix LCD video wall or the recently-announced DirectLight LED video wall system.  If video walls aren’t in the cards, Planar also makes some stunning large format displays with incredible 4k resolution that are worth checking into.

Thank you for considering my request and I look forward to my new build out with a Planar video wall.


Your Wall

P.S.  I took the liberty of designing some video walls using the Clarity® Matrix Calculator and the DirectLight Calculator and submitting them for a quote to Planar.  You can play around with your own designs using these free tools.