The Power of 1,000 Days

We are rapidly approaching the mid-point of the year and strategic planning is upon us. And, let’s not forget that the season of New Year’s Resolutions isn’t a distant memory. So, this time of year, I find myself thinking (I mean, obsessing) about goal setting.

You might do your own annual plans, 3 or 5 year strategic plans, and depending on your industry, perhaps you have outlooks that extend into the decades. In recent years, I have found it useful to create a 1,000 day plan and here is why:

#1: It’s Long Enough to Be Strategic, Short Enough to Be Real
1,000 days is just under 3 years. It provides a timeline in which most things can be started or finished. It isn’t too long as to be purely academic or theoretical. It is longer than the ill-fated new year’s resolution, which are typically best intentions wrapped in short-lived hope and deep-fried in futility. In contrast, 1,000 days can wrap your head around it, pick longer term change efforts, and imagine how things would line up to achieve the goals.

#2: Counting in Days Adds Urgency
Sure, you could pick a “where do I want to be in 5 years?” goal, but there is something about calling it in days that adds a sense of immediacy. If you only had 1,000 days to accomplish the goal, each day counts.

#3: Emphasizing the Daily Highlights the Habits
Working down from a 1,000 day plan, puts emphasis on the daily activities that get you towards the goal. It isn’t the one skipped milkshake or the single dollar saved, but the daily choices that add up like cumulative interest to achieve incredible results.

1,000 days from today is Jan 23, 2018 . What will you be doing then that you aren’t doing today? What will your next 1,000 days look like?

P.S. To calculate your own 1,000 days, use the online calculator at