What are university centers doing with digital signage?

Temple University recently opened The Science Education and Research Center (SERC) as part of a key strategy to further establish the university as a center of excellence in scientific education and research. The Science Education and Research Center, at 247,000 square feet, is one of the largest buildings devoted exclusively to scientific research in the Philadelphia region. The seven-story structure includes 52 research labs and 16 teaching labs, open spaces to foster collaboration, and high-tech equipment such as clean rooms and a low-vibration scanning tunneling microscope facility. 

Also among SERC’s high technology assets is a sophisticated digital video wall in the building’s main lobby that is comprised of 35 large (55-inch) displays—Planar’s nextgeneration Clarity® Matrix LCD Video Wall System with G2 Architecture. These displays present a variety of informational, educational and entertainment content from sources that are managed by Planar’s Clarity® VCS Video Wall Controller. They represent the vanguard of a system to extend teaching and learning onto large scale display platforms - in SERC as well as in other facilities on campus - that transform how everything from science to art is presented to students, shared among faculty and staff, and enjoyed by visitors. With 525 square foot of available wall space on the mezzanine level of the lobby, it was determined that a seven-wide-by-five-high (7 x 5) array of the Clarity Matrix video wall displays (MX55HDS) would provide the platform best suited to the needs and interests of the information services organization and the other university constituents involved In the decision-making process.  Read more