Planar video walls create dramatic display platforms at Baker Hughes

The campus of Houston-based oil services company, Baker Hughes, includes the new Western Hemisphere Education Center, a cross-training facility for employees working in all aspects of Baker Hughes' business. Attracting and retaining the brightest engineers is key for Baker Hughes, and it relies on the education center to help in that effort. Employees receive extensive education in the center's classrooms and labs, all equipped with the latest technology. That technology extends to the main lobby of the center where a Planar Mosaic Architectural Video Wall array and Clarity Matrix MultiTouch LCD Video Wall displays have been deployed to further educate and inform employees.

They chose to install some of Planar’s newest and most sophisticated video displays to present information that complements what students are receiving in their classes and labs. The students interact with these displays – directly and indirectly – in the lobby, before, between and after classes – and in the process they learn more about the company, get more excited about it, and become even more invested in it. The display strategy for the lobby also called for a platform that would encourage and enable students to explore more of what is presented on the Planar® Mosaic video wall. For this, Planar’s Clarity® Matrix™ MultiTouch LCD Video Wall solution was specified for a 16-foot long interactive touch table. The Clarity Matrix MultiTouch displays employ a protective glass surface, Planar’s ERO™ (Extended Ruggedness and Optics) option that adds durability while providing a highly responsive surface on which users can input commands for content navigation and exploration. The 55-inch Clarity Matrix MultiTouch displays (LX55HD-L-ERO) seamlessly show the full Baker Hughes story and world events that have shaped the oil and gas industry. When the timeline is disengaged, the table becomes an engineering design table showing the interworking pieces of many of Baker Hughes’ technologies, thereby providing another learning instrument within the center. Read more