Dec 16, 2015

Planar Offers AIA CE Courses with HSW Designation

Architects in most states must complete a minimum number of continuing education learning unit (LU) hours per year in order to renew their license. These educational sessions are provided by building product manufacturers like Planar. The architects in these states as well as members of the American Institute of Architects (AIA) are required to take a minimum of 12 LU hours in approved Health, Safety, Welfare (HSW) topics. The course content must directly support the HSW definition, it must include one or more specific HSW topics, and 75% of the content must be on HSW topics (see the AIA HSW guidelines). Many continuing education courses do not More…
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Dec 10, 2015

Behind the Scenes: A Conversation with Planar's VP of International Sales, Rob Stewart

We are running a series of interviews with our executive team. Today we hear from Rob Stewart, the VP of International Sales. Q: What are the top things that you do for the company and what’s your role? A: The top things I do for the company is help sell our products outside the United States and Canada. My role is to oversee our international team and to guide and direct them to focus on markets and partners that we need to sell our products to our customers in these non-North American countries. Q: How are you able to use your strengths and experiences at Planar? A: Planar gives many of our employees the freedom to go about their jobs without More…
Dec 03, 2015

Transparent OLED Displays for Retail: Help People See what to Buy

Retail is all about eye candy.  Now someone trained in the intricacies of design and psychology might want to give a more nuanced description of all the aspects that go into creating a successful retail space, but in the end, it mostly boils down to finding ways to focus the attention of customers on specific things. The Brain Follows the Eye Of all the senses that human beings possess, vision is by far the most dominant. There are more and larger regions of the brain devoted to processing vision than any other sense. And it’s not surprising since vision has been so vitally important to human survival throughout history. We are primed to look More…