The Mission is Always Critical

For over 30 years, Planar has sold flat panel displays and systems to customers in mission critical applications. From military operations to utility control rooms, from broadcast centers to healthcare, we understand the importance of high-performance displays that work reliably under pressure. Our customers expect it from us.

As we have expanded our product offering and reach to digital signage, we have expanded our understanding of what it takes to be mission critical.

As an example, take the Institute for Emerging Issues which build a commons on the campus of the North Carolina State University to create a platform for engagement on a wide range of public policy issues and opportunities. The institute was founded by the then Governor of the state and the chancellor of the school to focus attention on the critical questions facing North Carolina’s leaders. The organization hosts a forum each year and seeks to connect expertise and dialogue with the big public policy questions.

They build the Connections Wall in the James B Hunt Jr. Library as a nod to the institution’s co-visionary and as a demonstration of the kind of engagement the organization seeks to create. The focal point of the installation is a 130 square foot Clarity® Matrix LCD video wall with an interactive application written and implemented by Second Story, a part of SapientNitro. This Connections Wall serves as a metaphor, it seems, for all the institution is about: engagement, involvement, information, and connection. So much so, that a picture of the wall being touched by a guest serves as the background image on the organization’s website at The mission of the organization is furthered by their use of video wall technology. It is mission critical.

We see this same trend in various segments in which our customers deploy our technology. In retail, the mission is customer engagement, brand building, and demand generation and the displays deployed in those environments further that aim. In corporate environments, the video wall in the lobby might serve to welcome guests, share information about the company, and speak loudly about the market-leading position of the company. Again, the displays serve the mission.

The investments that our customers make in technology like Clarity® Matrix, Planar® Mosaic, Planar® UltraRes, and more speak to the scope and importance of what they have to communicate and we are proud to help them accomplish their respective missions.