Why Touch Interactivity? Oh, Let Me Count the Ways.

Planar has a growing number of products with touch sensors integrated in adding interactive capability to monitors ranging from 15” to 300” video walls, like the Clarity® Matrix MultiTouch.  The brand new Planar® UltraRes Touch, Planar® EP Series and others have models with touch integrated, now in 4K resolution for even better readability and image quality.

If you have never used touch interactivity on a big screen, you might be wondering how to best put it into practice.  To spark some ideas, below is a list of ideas how our customers can use touch interactivity to grow their businesses and engage their customers. 

  • Wayfinding in shopping centers, airports, hospitals, college campuses, and more
  • Deliver a compelling live presentation, swiping through slides and playing videos
  • Virtual concierge services in hotel lobbies or condominium complexes
  • Reduce perceived wait time in retail or banking with games
  • Virtual bank teller applications
  • Create self-registration applications
  • Gift recommendation kiosk in retail
  • Educate museum visitors about exhibits, including rich media content
  • Retail visitors can shop virtual aisles and see products that aren’t on the sales floor
  • Control the show with an interface connected to multiple pieces of equipment, including displays, lighting, audio, and content sources
  • Productively use new desktop applications and operating systems designed for touch
  • Retail visitors can opt in for email follow-up with their favorite brands or stores
  • Provide health and wellness data on interactive kiosks in medical provider offices
  • Provide nutrition information and recipes in a grocery store
  • Enable self-check out applications in retail
  • Self-service ticket machines for train stations
  • Enable self-check in for patients or family in a hospital or medical office environment
  • Choose-your-own-adventure storybooks
  • Bar code scanners and price checking applications in retail
  • Gift registry kiosks in retail for wedding, baby, new home, and other occasions
  • Virtual dressing room applications in fashion and accessory retailing
  • Enter contests or drawings at regional fairs or amusement parks
  • Pop-up retail store
  • Virtual catalog for showroom applications
  • Download or print coupons or special offers from in-aisle kiosk
  • Deliver personalized messaging based on user selections or database integration, including ibeacon or RFID integration

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