Enabling a "Mobile" Worker in a Cube

A recent article by Jon Brodin entitled “How mobile technology created a workforce that never stops working” piqued our interest. Yes, we’re “lucky” enough to have a smart phone to check email every 2 minutes (though we’ve disabled the “ding” as to avoid the constant barrage), a personal tablet to keep up with friends’ posts, and a Dell Ultrabook™ to work tirelessly at the local coffee shop or on the plane. But when it comes to actually producing spreadsheets or presentations, or writing a product plan, nothing beats working from a dual monitor-equipped cubicle. Maybe it’s because we’re addicted to opening 20 different programs and multi-tasking between numerous projects (next to impossible on a laptop). Or maybe it’s the freedom to open several datasheets and move data between them or steal shamelessly from previous presentations for one due tomorrow. In any case, we would be lost if forced to produce on only one display.

Planar employees are constantly evolving. One product manager recently upgraded to a Dell XPS Ultrabook (ultra-light compared to her 4-year old Lenovo® ultra heavy notebook) in January. Here’s her take on productivity after the switch:
After deleting files going back to 1998 (electronic files are so much more difficult to purge than paper files), I moved on to system set up. I gave up the docking station and instead got a USB 3.0 Hub. Attached to the hub are the following:
1. Ultrabook
2. Network cable
3. Wired keyboard and mouse (yes, wireless accessories are on my IT wish list)
4. DVI cable for the 22-inch widescreen monitor mounted on a height-adjust stand
5. DisplayPort™ cable and USB cable to enable the touch feature for the 24-inch multi-touch monitor also mounted on a height-adjust stand.

I particularly like the height-adjust stand. First, as I’m 6’1”, it allows me to work with monitors at eye level, and second, its swivel base allows me to easily turn the monitor to attach earphones or other peripherals to the monitor’s built-in USB hub or adjust monitor settings using the side OSD buttons.

As for the multi-touch monitor in a work environment, I really haven’t used the on-screen keyboard as I find that awkward, but I really like the flexibility of scrolling through an email or an article with my finger instead of a mouse click.
If you’re interested in making a mobile worker even more comfortable and productive with a cubicle set-up similar to the product manager, look no further than Planar and the complete line of 15 to 27-inch desktop and touch monitors, stands and USB Hub.

Stay tuned for more productivity and touch on the desktop from Planar. 

By Cindy McCullough, Product Marketing Manger.