Blog 2-27-14
Feb 27, 2014

Observations from the Sochi Winter Olympics: AV on a World Stage

Watching this year’s opening ceremony of the Sochi Winter Games, one couldn’t miss the drama around the malfunctioning Olympic ring. For those of you who missed it and the resulting media firestorm, in the otherwise flawless presentation on Russian history and passions, five snowflakes made of LED lights on motion control bars were to be transformed into the five overlapping rings of the Olympic logo. And one of them malfunctioned revealing four rings and one snowflake. Those of us who have been involved in events and technology gasped with horror as we all have been there. The rehearsals go perfectly, the equipment is world-class, everything is More…
Redesign of Design
Feb 18, 2014

The Redesign of Design

Wall Street Journal has an interesting article about John Maeda (@johnmaeda), the internationally-known designer who was with the Rhode Island School of design and is now with a venture capital firm, Kleiner Perkins Caufield and Byers. His job is to evaluate the role of design in potential investments that the firm might make. In the interview, he mentioned that the word “design” is poorly designed. Is it craftsmanship without the constraints of business or customer need? Is it all about using a particular font or graphic layout templates that look “modern”? Is design decoration or something more? It is interesting to think about the word “design.” More…
Mosaic AD22-Salvador
Feb 04, 2014

The Perfection of Square Video Tiles

There is more to the Planar® Mosaic™ AD22-Salvador tile than meets the eye. While it is an LCD display, its 1:1 aspect ratio sets it apart from its big brothers. It integrates with other wall claddings beautifully, allows for tight-radius concave video walls, and fits places other displays won’t fit. People love it; it’s that simple. After all, it’s hip to be square. Square tiles can be installed above doors, up columns, in long rows or around corners. They can be embedded with other types of tiles, or even in the floor or ceiling with proper reinforcement. They add character to an architectural display, and virtually every Mosaic installation to More…