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Dec 15, 2014

DisplayPort 1.3 vs HDMI 2.0

UPDATED 2/28/2018: Read the latest comparison of DisplayPort 1.4 vs HDMI 2.1   We recently caught up with Marques Girardelli, Planar’s electrical systems manager in the R&D organization and Becky Connors, product manager for large format displays, to ask about the emerging connectivity standards around DisplayPort and HDMI.  This is the third post in a series covering these connectivity topics. How does DisplayPort 1.3 compare with HDMI 2.0 in terms of performance? When comparing DisplayPort 1.3 with HDMI 2.0, DisplayPort 1.3 has several key advantages. First, the video bandwidth of DisplayPort 1.3 is much higher than HDMI 2.0.  This means More…