Clarity Matrix vs. Multi-Stream Transporting

What you need to know about Multi-Stream Transport and Video Wall Tiling

DisplayPort 1.2 supports MST (Multi-Stream Transport) daisy chaining of monitors and it has created confusion in the industry. People may mistake MST support for video wall tiling. 

MST was designed for desktop monitors as a way of reducing cable count and desk clutter.  On their website, DisplayPort talks about the advantages of multiple monitors on your desk for productivity, multi-tasking, and immersive gaming.  It was not, however, designed for video walls.  This is very clear when you see the bandwidth limits that they publish:

Display Resolution
 (standard 60 frames per second refresh rate)

Maximum Number of Monitors
(based on DisplayPort 1.2 bandwidth)

1920 x 1080 (1080p) or 1920 x 1200


2560x1600 (WQXGA)


3840 x 2160 (UltraHD or 4k) or 4096 x 2160 (4k x 2k)


The most that can be tiled in full HD is 4 displays and with higher resolution inputs (like UltraHD or 4k), daisy chaining over MST is no longer possible.  These limitations are acceptable for desktop applications where more than a two monitors is rare, but for video walls it is not a solution.  MST is vastly inferior to the built-in processing, called Big Picture Plus, in Clarity Matrix which was designed from the ground up for video walls.

Big Picture Plus™ processing is robust and can often take the role of an external processor or matrix switcher in many installations.  This is especially true in installations larger than 2x2, where the QuadController architecture can provide a lot of flexibility in source routings.  Click here to learn more about Clarity® Matrix.  For a summary of all the different processing that Planar offers, see the Processing Innovations page.

As a side note, Planar has long promoted multiple monitor set-ups of desktop displays for increased productivity.  We even sell a great line-up of dual and multi-monitor stands to further reduce desk clutter and maximize the benefit of multiple displays for use with virtually any video card.