Apr 23, 2013

Trends in Commercial Real Estate

From corporate cafeteria menu boards to hallway employee signage.  From lobby displays that tend architectural to meeting room displays for the ultimate in resolution and interactivity. Corporations around the world utilize Planar technology for the ultimate in productivity.     But the environments of this productivity are changing.  Over the past few years, we have seen dramatic changes in the commercial real estate market that are combining to change the look of offices and the opportunities for technology. Small businesses, which make up the bulk of corporate enterprises, have real estate leases less than 10 years.  As a result, landlords are More…
Apr 17, 2013

5 Reasons to Deploy Control Rooms

Market leading corporations are deploying control rooms for monitoring and simulation at a rapid rate, especially in growing industries like the energy sector. Some of the leading reasons to deploy control room solutions are as follows:1) Big data visualization: corporations have more data than ever before and making sense of it requires a visualization solution as expansive and scalable as the data set.2) Real-time monitoring: make the most of investments and protect critical infrastructure, with real-time monitoring solutions3) Distributed data and video sources: IP network video sources and data locations are spread worldwide and to access them in More…
Apr 08, 2013

Intel NUC and Planar Helium Create a winning solution

In September of 2012, I was at the Intel Developer Forum a preeminent technology conference for the Intel ecosystem. At this show, I saw an interesting device attached to a Planar® 27” Helium™ touch display. The device was called a NUC which stands for the next unit of computing. The device is essentially a small computer about 4”x4”x2” that runs Windows (or Linux). What I found really cool about the NUC is how easily it attaches to the back of the Helium display, essentially turning Helium into an all-in-one like device, but with the added benefit of a flexible modular design. NUC attached to Helium's VESA mount The setup is remarkably simple. In More…
Mar 28, 2013

In-depth look at Clarity Matrix 3D CAVE2

  The CineGrid International Workshop brings together experts from digital cinema, scientific visualization, networking, post production and education to share information about new workflows in creating, editing, distributing, restoring and archiving high resolution digital images and audio. The CineGrid Workshop aims to produce new collaborations that foster growth across international boundaries.  This video, taken during one of the workshops, tours the immersive CAVE2 at the University of Illinois at Chicago's Electronic Visualization Lab (EVL).  The hybrid reality environment is comprised of Planar's Clarity® Matrix™ 3D Video Wall.  Read more More…
Mar 12, 2013

Now You Can Pin Planar

A friend got me interested in Pinterest when she sent me a picture of a pair of a particularly-awesome pair of platform shoes.  Moments after setting up an account, I was hooked.  I have found it a great way to monitor trends, see new technology and products, get project ideas, and stalk, I mean follow, others with like interests. All from the convenience of my iPad or my Planar touchscreen monitor, of course. We are happy to announce that Planar products, inspiring installations, tools, and new are now available on Pinterest.  There has never been a better way to explore Planar’s digital display technology than with the videos and pictures posted on More…
Mar 06, 2013

A Thirty-Something Gala: Planar Applauds Storefront for Art and Architecture’s 30 Years

Storefront for Art and Architecture is turning 30 and to celebrate they hosted a gala and silent auction at 5 Beekman Street in New York City.  This former mansion of palatial scale sat idle for decades and is slated to be re-envisioned at a luxury hotel property.  But before construction began, the hundreds of guests at the gala were treated to its raw intimacy.  And the facility didn’t disappoint. The towering 9 story atrium with views of the cold night sky and the art installations throughout the building combined to create a unique immersive experience.  On the ground floor, facing up towards the towering ceiling were four Clarity™ Matrix LCD More…
Feb 21, 2013

I'm Loving It

Ever since Daniel Pink published a travel tip about the hidden benefits of eating at McDonald’s when you travel internationally (you can get a clear picture of cultural and gastronomical differences in short order, pardon the pun), I have been fascinated by the differences in McDonald’s menus around the world.  Chicken Mexican Wraps, a McRice burger, or lobster rolls are all on the menus at McDonald’s somewhere (Mexico, Taiwan and Montreal, respectively). Photo courtesy of McDonalds Times Square Fast forward to this past month when Portland-based brand fan, Jeb Boniakowski, posted an open letter to McDonald’s executives on TheAwl.com suggesting More…
Feb 04, 2013

Clarity Matrix 3D backbone of the most exquisite virtual reality environment ever made

When UIC researchers couldn’t buy the 3D technology they needed, Planar Systems made it for them The University of Illinois virtual reality environment, dubbed CAVE2, is approximately 24 feet in diameter and 8 feet tall, and consists of 72 near-seamless Clarity Matrix 3D LCD panels, a 36-node high-performance computer cluster, a 20-speaker surround audio system, a 10-camera optical tracking system and a 100-Gigabit/second connection to the outside world. CAVE2 provides users with a 320-degree panoramic environment for displaying information at 37 Megapixels in 3D or 74 Megapixels in 2D with a horizontal visual acuity of 20/20. To build CAVE2, in More…
Jan 23, 2013

Sound Design features Planar and Runco displays in new showroom

Texas Runco dealer Sound Design, recently updated their Horseshoe Bay main lobby showroom which now features three Runco and Planar displays. (Left to Right) Planar® Mosaic™ architectural display, Runco® Vistage™ V-63HD, and Planar® Clarity® Matrix™ 3x2 display.
Jan 22, 2013

Clarity Matrix Behind-the-scenes Security for the Presidential Inauguration

During yesterday's Presidential Inauguration, the FBI Command Center in Washington DC relied on the Clarity® Matrix™ LCD Video Wall to ensure all video and audio was delivered at the highest level of quality so operators could detect and act on security breaches before they became threats. Read more: http://www.cbsnews.com/8301-18563_162-57564822/behind-the-scenes-security-for-the-presidential-inauguration/