Data and Video Sources are Proliferating

Larger wall surfaces allow for richer data to be presented and evaluated real-time.  This is why the leading energy companies, telecommunications firms, and a growing number of corporations build control rooms like this one.  This installation illustrates the trend of data and source proliferation.  This larger video wall is hooked to a number of local and remote PC applications, web sources, and more.  Traffic and broadcast control rooms have dozens (if not hundreds) of video feeds that must be processed and accessible at any time.  More and more of those sources are digital (versus analog) and more are IP-based, even the video streams.  What does this mean to you?  There are a range of affordable technologies that allow your applications to be running, in native resolution, on VERY large canvases.  While consumer brands and user interfaces have been dominated by designing for the mobile experience, you can design for walls as well. View the Iusacell Telecommunications Case Study.