Finer Solutions Rules the Day

One of the key display trends affecting Data Visualization is the growth of high resolution displays. The 4k televisions that made a splash at CES have parallels in the commercial display space. This wall, for instance, is 12x HD with a whopping nearly 25 million pixels made up of three Planar® UltraRes 4k displays. It delivers stunning imagery and video and the pixels are imperceptible. This is important because there is a touch version of this product available and touch is bringing you arm’s length to displays and making resolution more important. Much has been said about Apple’s “retina” displays, which is a function of not only pixels-per-inch, but also average viewing distance and dot pitch. Using online calculators, a 4k display driven in full resolution in an 84” size, viewed from 5 feet away is “retina.” As is a QHD 27” desktop product viewed at average desk distances. 

Readability is absolutely critical when the data is getting more complex and the visualization techniques more granular and interactive. Not to mention that these products are also available in 3D for stereoscopic visualizations with passive glasses. In this video you can see how all the trends we have discussed: video walls, multiple data sources, interactivity, collaboration, and resolution come together. Click to see UlraRes 3-wide videw at Infocomm 2013