4K content on 4 K screens
Jul 30, 2013

4K content to 4K screens

The 4K ecosystem can be summarized as Capture – Play – Connect – Display, and all four pieces have to be there to create a useful solution. Working back from the display itself, driving a 4k screen with 4k content is a matter of connectivity and source. Connecting a 4K (3840 x 2160) resolution source to a 4K display typically involves some combination of HDMI and DisplayPort connections. In both cases, the version of the standard implemented is a critical factor in the display’s ability to receive a 4K signal over a single connection. The table below summarizes the capacity, in terms of resolution, refresh rate and color depth, that the various HDMI More…
Touch at Infocomm 2013
Jul 26, 2013

Touch Is The New Interface

It used to be that you had to put signs or attract loops telling customers to interact, but now mobile phones and natural human interface developments have us touching everything. We have been in the kiosk and point of sales touch screen business for a long time and we can tell you that interactivity is becoming increasingly important. The category is one of the fastest growing in the display space with year over year growth upwards of 30% with no end in sight. Planar’s touch screen display line-up has grown to include not only the small format displays like 15” to 27”, but larger single and tiled displays up to 300” diagonal for multi-user More…
3 Wide (Mobile) (1)
Jul 23, 2013

Finer Solutions Rules the Day

One of the key display trends affecting Data Visualization is the growth of high resolution displays. The 4k televisions that made a splash at CES have parallels in the commercial display space. This wall, for instance, is 12x HD with a whopping nearly 25 million pixels made up of three Planar® UltraRes™ 4k displays. It delivers stunning imagery and video and the pixels are imperceptible. This is important because there is a touch version of this product available and touch is bringing you arm’s length to displays and making resolution more important. Much has been said about Apple’s “retina” displays, which is a function of not only pixels-per-inch, More…
ST2_9454a (Mobile)
Jul 17, 2013

Planar UltraLux display adds to the showroom experience at OFS Brands

Top interior designers worldwide know that OFS Brands is the preeminent source for top-quality office furniture. OFS Brands’ total focus on quality extends to the manner in which it presents its products and capabilities; notably, in the company’s newest showroom near New York City’s famed Herald Square. A key feature of this stunning 10,000 square-foot space could easily be mistaken for a priceless piece of artwork as opposed to what it really is: a state-of-the-art digital video display - an 80-inch Planar® UltraLux™ Series LCD Display. OFS chose Planar UltraLux display for two reasons: its ability to beauitfully depict large images of furniture and More…
Jul 09, 2013

Planar at Infocomm 2013

Infocomm 2013 was a recording-breaking show and Planar thanks you for sharing the excitement of InfoComm 2013 with us. In Planar's booth, crowds gathered to see the 3-wide curved array of Planar® UltraRes™ Series 4K displays, as well as a unique array of Planar® Mosaic™ featuring interactive content. We had a record number of over 5 billion pixels and a record showing of touch-enabled displays as well. We hope you enjoyed discovering all of the unique experiences Planar's award-winning display solutions can bring. View photos of Planar's booth or watch videos from InfoComm 2013. Planar's Clarity® Matrix™ MultiTouch interactive LCD video wall won More…