Jun 17, 2013

Digital Signage Ecosystem

Deploying a digital sign or a digital signage advertising network requires multiple components. The selection of hardware, software, and services combine to create a solution. Planar provides high-performance, reliable and high-value displays and related accessories that ensure that the digital signage installation will look great. Combined with player technology, either the Planar® ContentSmart™ media player or other such device, a stand-alone sign has never been easier. Just add “content” or create it in the included software, and you can have a working digital sign right away. For more sophisticated installations, clients layer on a content More…
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Jun 10, 2013

Collaboration: It’s a Small World After All

With the growth of Skype and Apple’s FaceTime, shared desktop, and annotation, supplementing professional video conferencing tools, the market for digital displays for collaboration continues to grow. Sharing a presentation. Writing, highlighting, and sketching on a common work surface. Seeing the person speak  to build trust and aid in communication. Creating new opportunities for shared ideas and experiences. These are the things that collaboration is all about. As more and more employees are working from remote locations, whether they be far-flung field or home offices, the need to use technology to make the world smaller has never been More…
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Jun 04, 2013

What if Plato had Three Planar Monitors?

There has been plenty of research showing that multiple monitors and or larger monitors on the desktop improve productivity and satisfaction. Example of such research comes from companies like Microsoft, HP, and Apple. But can three or more monitors change your life and extend your mind?  That is exactly what Alex Wilhelm postured in this interesting article on workspace productivity. If you are ready for a mind extending experience consider adding a Planar® Helium™ Windows 8 touch display or our beautifully designed 27” QHD display to your desktop. With native 2560x1440 resolution, the Planar® PX2790MW delivers 77% more resolution than a Full HD More…