From 0 to 60: the importance of responsiveness

My husband is a car guy. You know the type. The person who can effortless memorize performance statistics about cars and talk about them without tiring. And one statistic that he cares a lot about is acceleration performance (the length of time it takes to go from 0 to 60 miles per hour or equivalent) as an indication of raw power (relative to weight and other factors). A great 0-to-60 measurement generally results in great off-the-line responsiveness. When you hit the gas, you expect things to happen. In fact, you rely upon it. It is the foundation of your relationship with the automobile. You interact and it responds. And car guys like my husband believe, that the car should respond by pushing you back against your seat and raising your heart rate.

The same is true in other relationships. When there is an action, there should be a prompt reaction. At Planar, we work hard to be responsive.

  • To customer support issues that arise from time to time.
  • To market dynamics that cause customers to have new needs and requirements.
  • To the channel partners and customers who might need flexibility and creativity from us. 

This responsiveness is demonstrated regularly in our high net-promoter customer satisfaction scores, our industry reputation, and the growing roster of case studies and success stories that are shared by our customers.

What is your favorite story of Planar responsiveness? Share it on Twitter using the hashtag #PlanarExperience. Or, if your 0-to-60 story requires more than 140 characters, you can share it via our online feedback form, on our Facebook page, or with your account manager. We’d love to hear from you.

By Jennifer Davis, VP of Marketing, Planar Systems