Intel NUC and Planar Helium Create a winning solution

In September of 2012, I was at the Intel Developer Forum a preeminent technology conference for the Intel ecosystem. At this show, I saw an interesting device attached to a Planar® 27” Helium touch display. The device was called a NUC which stands for the next unit of computing. The device is essentially a small computer about 4”x4”x2” that runs Windows (or Linux). What I found really cool about the NUC is how easily it attaches to the back of the Helium display, essentially turning Helium into an all-in-one like device, but with the added benefit of a flexible modular design.

Helium/NUC Blog

NUC attached to Helium's VESA mount

The setup is remarkably simple. In the NUC box there is a VESA mount plate and four screws to attach the plate to the VESA mount on the back of the Helium. Once the mount plate is attached to the Helium, the NUC is able to essentially snap to the back of Helium. Plug the HDMI and USB cable included with the Helium display into the NUC, and you just turned Helium into a full functioning touch screen computer.

Flexibility is the primary benefits of this type of solution over an integrated all-in-one. We’ve talked about the features and flexibility of Helium: VGA, HDMI, DisplayPort input, and an ergonomic stand that adjust between 15 and 70 degrees. The helium also comes with an integrated webcam, USB hub and optimized multi-touch screen.

Like Helium, Intel’s NUC is super flexible and is feature rich too. The NUC comes in several CPU flavors to optimize the solution to your particular performance and graphics needs. It has 2 PCIe connectors for flexible support of wireless and SSD configurations. Since the display and the NUC are separate, upgrades are easier and don’t require chucking an entire solution. Moreover, the NUC is designed to integrate with Helium, so you still get all the benefits of Helium including the floating ergonomic stand, multi-touch points, webcam, and USB hub.

Recently, we worked with Intel and TechData to create four unique Helium/NUC packages. These packages are designed to meet your needs and range from bare-bone do-it-yourself solutions to ready-to-go solutions. We also developed special pricing around these SKUs enabling you to get a really great price on them. The offering is currently available through TechData and their resellers.

By Cris Derr, Product Director