Touch on Desktop Blog
Nov 27, 2013

Touch on Desktop

We’re all looking for ways to increase our daily productivity. Specifically designed to take advantage of Microsoft Windows® 8’s touch-enabled features, Planar’s Touch on the Desktop monitors includes 22-, 24- and 27-inch full HD monitors optimized with multi-touch interactivity for the utmost productivity. Here are three scenarios for introducing a touch screen monitor into your desktop life: • Pair either your Planar® Helium™ Series 24” or 27” touch screen monitor with a powerful tower PC for engineering, designing and graphic-heavy applications. The touch screen monitor allows you to flick, scroll and zoom quickly and accurately to accomplish More…
Nov 14, 2013

Playing Video in 4K

This past September, Intel hosted its annual Intel Develop Forum event in San Francisco. The Intel NUC team and Planar created a joint Ultra HD video demo for IDF. The Ultra HD displays with a resolution of 3,840 × 2,160 pixels represent four times the resolution of Full HD (as seen on most modern TVs)and are being called 4K displays. If you think Full HD is life-like, then 4K will blow your mind. But all these extra pixels come at a cost as processing that many pixels is extremely taxing. Intel wanted to show that it's new NUC packed the punch to run 4K videos. Intel NUC are essentially a 4”x4”x2” computer. It’s small in size, economical in price but More…
Netflix 4K (Mobile)
Nov 07, 2013

NetFlix 4k Content for Planar UltraRes

This week it was announced that NetFlix is testing 4k video streaming and has posted a short video entitled “El Fuente 50 MP” which is described as “an example of 4k.” We brought a PC with an internet connection into the lab to test the content on the Planar® UltraRes™ 4k Ultra HD 84” LCD display. In general, the content was not as good as the video loops we have demonstrated at DSE, InfoComm, and CEDIA Expo , which we know have been shot or rendered in 4k and are mastered for quality. That said, it was a significant improvement over what they showed in January 2013 at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) and this latest effort shows real promise. We More…