Jan 23, 2013

Sound Design features Planar and Runco displays in new showroom

Texas Runco dealer Sound Design, recently updated their Horseshoe Bay main lobby showroom which now features three Runco and Planar displays. (Left to Right) Planar® Mosaic™ architectural display, Runco® Vistage™ V-63HD, and Planar® Clarity® Matrix™ 3x2 display.
Jan 22, 2013

Clarity Matrix Behind-the-scenes Security for the Presidential Inauguration

During yesterday's Presidential Inauguration, the FBI Command Center in Washington DC relied on the Clarity® Matrix™ LCD Video Wall to ensure all video and audio was delivered at the highest level of quality so operators could detect and act on security breaches before they became threats. Read more: http://www.cbsnews.com/8301-18563_162-57564822/behind-the-scenes-security-for-the-presidential-inauguration/
Jan 14, 2013

Windows 8 Touch in Retail: An Interview with David Kelley

NRF32013By Cris Derr, Product Director, Planar Systems This week Planar will be at National Retail Federation Annual Convention and Expo in NY. Planar will be showing several exciting touch products throughout the show, so I thought I would ask David Kelley, Wirestone’s UX Architect and Microsoft MVP, about the impact Windows 8 in retail. We know Windows 8 as a consumer product, but is there any reason to think Windows 8 will impact digital signage for retailers? DK: Windows 8 by itself won’t increase the impact of digital signage but it is an enabling factor in allowing the trend towards more interactive retail space and digital signage to More…
Jan 07, 2013

Trends in Shopping: An AV Installers Guide to Digital Signage Innovation

It used to be the shopping and buying were co-located. That is no longer the case. You shop online for the features, reviews, best price then buy in a store. Or shop in a store, for fit or function and then purchase online. Retailers have bemoaned Amazon’s Price Check app that allows mobile phone users to scan barcodes right in the store and browse for a better price. This sophisticated, connected shopper is turning retail on its ear - and creating new opportunities for innovative product merchandising. DDi recently published their “State of the Design Industry 2012” report which relayed trends from retailers as they innovate and engage with More…