Architectural Video Walls Redefining Interior Space

New leading-edge technology and architectural video walls are certainly redefining interior spaces. The design imagined by Ben Nimes at Pratt Institute during the Form and Technology workshop illustrates a new innovative way to truly captivate an audience using technology like the Planar® Mosaic™ architectural video wall system. In their design concept, not only is the display face engaging, but the entire unit itself moves to interact with the viewer as they approach and traverse the wall bringing the space to life.

Photo courtesy of Pratt

The Planar Mosaic family includes three different tiles shapes and sizes, including a truly square LCD tile which presents entirely new opportunities for architectural expression. Whether it is the lobby of a corporate office, healthcare or education facility, or in a retail showroom or window display, Planar Mosaic creates a space that is memorable, impactful and timeless.

This goes to show how the possibilities are endless when you mix a little creativity with leading-edge technology.