The Newly Released Planar Helium Multi-Touch Monitor Lights up the Windows 8 Experience

The launch of Planar's brand new multi-touch desktop monitor line is already off to a great start with the introduction of the Planar® Helium™ family and the debut of a 27-inch model. "The giant 27-inch Planar Helium display really brings out the best in Windows 8," says David Kelly, Principal UX Architect & Microsoft MVP of [wire]stone. "As a firm focused on touch experiences with numerous touch-enabled applications for Windows 8, we're using the monitor to develop and test out all of our applications. The high quality touch experience and combined feature set of the Planar Helium monitor has really improved our development time to market, as well as our overall workflow with Windows 8."

Designed to improve user productivity, the Planar Helium multi-touch monitor is ideal for software developers, enterprise users and individual technology enthusiasts. Businesses will benefit from high-quality presentations, easier data analysis, and collaboration features for improved decision making. Consumers, gamers and technology enthusiasts will enjoy the robust touch experience on a large display.

TechDecision's, Editor-in-Chief, Cindy Davis was able to get her hands on one to test it out. "I took to the Planar Helium, 27-inch multi-touch desktop monitor and Windows 8 like a two-year-old to an iPad." says Cindy Davis. "Other than the outstanding quality of the display and the fast response time, the greatest benefits of this display are simple: It integrates multi-touch, a computer tablet or ultra-book, a webcam, microphone and you can plug a keyboard directly into the monitors." In her own words Cindy thinks that Apple finally has a competitor.

The Planar 27-inch Helium really is the ultimate touch-screen experience. By using the same projected capacitive touch technology found in smart phones, the Planar Helium monitor delivers 20 simultaneous touch points that recognize touch input from finger, thin gloved hand or conductive stylus.

The Planar Helium 27-inch monitor will be available in early October 2012 through Planar's network of authorized resellers. For more information, please visit