Planar Providing Ultra High Definition Viewing Experience for London's Oakley Safehouse

The London Oakley Safehouse is a place that Oakley created and designed specifically for their athletes competing in the 2012 Olympic Games. Oakley took extraordinary measures to create a safe haven for the athletes to relax and escape the craziness of the Olympic Games.

In the video, the Safehouse DJ, Thux, takes you on a tour of the technology used to run their audio and video.

One of their media areas features two Planar video walls that consist of nine 46" Clarity LED Series displays. The video wall allowed athletes to enjoy high definition viewing of the Games with live sports feeds of events displayed from two channels at once. DJ Thux goes on to describe Planar as having, "exceptional video walls… the quality is pristine."

The Oakley Safehouse effectively developed a space that focused on design while emphasizing community. Planar was proud to contribute to this atmosphere by providing the ultimate viewing experience for athletes during the Games.