Planar LookThru Featured in Second Story's Experiment with Face-Tracking and Reactive Content

Second Story in Portland, Oregon is currently featuring Planar’s LookThru™ Display Box as part of an experiment into uncharted territory with face-tracking and reactive content. Their technique of combining the LookThru and a Kinnect for Windows Sensor with Second Story software has created something truly unique, allowing them to augment a physical object with digital labels, and adapt the display to the viewer’s perspective. This creates a very personal experience for each individual viewer and endless possibilities for showcasing products across multiple industries.

The Planar LookThru incorporates a transparent 32-inch display in an enclosed showcase that is fronted with a clear glass surface featuring Planar’s ERO™ (Extended Ruggedness and Optics™) technology that can display multimedia content in front of products placed inside the unit with amazing color illumination and contrast.

To view Second Story’s experiment see the video below.