Commercial-Grade Digital Signage Displays Capture the Attention of Customers in Retail Environments Better Than Your Typical Big Box Televisions

Digital displays are a modern way to capture the attention of customers and bring added visual entertainment to the environment, which has led to an increasing adoption rate of digital signage in retail stores. Taking a closer look at commercial-grade displays versus TVs from your local warehouse, there are numerous benefits to the use of commercial-grade displays in a retail setting.

  • Commercial-grade LCD displays support extended usage up to 24 hours per day.
  • They emit higher levels of brightness so messaging and images can be displayed boldly even in well-lit  environment.
  • Their durable bezel and enclosure design protects the display from environmental conditions even in high traffic spaces.
  • They are compatible with media players and other sources, making installation quick and easy.
  • They offer the ability to control the display remotely or through a network connection.
Planar’s PS-Series line of displays provides a full array of commercial-grade features, is offered in a multiple sizes with a wide range of display choices and includes ultra-thin, energy-efficient LED backlighting, touch, and high brightness options.