Cool Things Happening at Planar: ClearTouch and LookThru Transparent Displays

By Cris Derr

It’s been awhile since my last post, so I would like to give you a quick update on a couple of cool products we showed at the recent Digital Signage Expo. First if you haven’t heard, we launched the 32" ClearTouch™ interactive display. The ClearTouch series of displays are beautifully designed and feature a seamless glass front with the best touch experience on the market. You can see a video here of one of our software partners showcasing this big beautiful touch screen. Then there is Planar’s giant interactive Clarity Matrix™ wall that Intel showed at both NRF and DSE. This wall is a fabulous example of how a touch enabled video wall can create a crowd gathering and informative experience.

Okay, so not exactly a touch topic but very cool nonetheless is Planar’s new LookThru™ transparent LCDs solutions. Our new LookThru transparent displays were big attractions at shows like NRF, Global Shop, and Digital Signage Expo. More than just a LCD panel, these ready-to-go transparent LCD solutions will blow you away with their bright colors, contrast, clarity and the coolest part: they are transparent. Where there was once just glass can now be interactive transparent LCDs. These transparent solutions can be used in retail display boxes, retail refrigerators, museum displays, corporate lobby displays, vending machines and much more. Seeing is believing with these displays so check out the videos below and yes that is a fully functioning refrigerator in the first video. Since the LookThru glass is also a fully functional LCD display your product can be seen in a truly eye-catching and informative way. It is no wonder that Planar was called out as the “most eye catching booth” at DSE.

So let your product be seen and check out Planar’s LookThru transparent LCD solutions today.