Dear Santa

Dear Santa,

I have been very good this year. I am hoping that you can make all my dreams come true and bring me the best gift of all: Pixel Paint.

This amazing emissive material could be slathered onto the wall like latex paint (VOC-free, of course) and be patterned to any shape, size, or scale. I could fill the wall or paint stripes. It would not require a projector or other sort of display device. It would be a display.

Using wireless technology for power and input source, I’d be able to take my new media player, which is also on my Christmas list, or my handy-dandy laptop and fill the entire painted surface with the design or video of my choosing. It would make my little heart burst with excitement to see that paint come to life in a wall of pixel perfection!

I would like you to leave a few gallons of Pixel Paint under the tree. I’ll be sitting back, updating the playlists and schedules, nestled next to the roaring fire eggnog in hand.

So, my jolly good elf, thank you in advance for making my holiday wish come true!

Yours Truly,

P.S. Say “hi” to Rudolph for me and remind him not to eat the shrubbery this year.

Dear Jennifer,

Thank you for your letter. We checked our list and although you have been extremely good (great job taking care of all those new digital signage customers, by the way), we don’t have any pixels that paint on. We have paint-by-number books. We have painted lady butterfly coaster sets. We have a software program called Paint, but we hear you already have that installed on your handy-dandy laptop. So, we sent our elves back to the drawing board to find something that will tide you over until technology catches up with your vision.

Normally, we don’t tell you what we will be bringing you, as that ruins the surprise. However in this case we need to make arrangements ahead of time, because your gift doesn’t easily down the chimney. Instead of decking the halls, you’ll want to open the delivery dock for a delivery of a tiled LCD video wall system that you use as a wall covering. Something flexible enough to orient however you want, wherever you want. Something that matches the spirit of painted pixels without the muss and fuss.

We hope you enjoy your present!