Jun 17, 2011

Top 4 Things We Learned at NeoCon

4. Media walls, like those from Planar, are transforming spaces and creating new opportunities for design. To learn more, check out our CE accredited online course.3. Architects and designers love their 1.5 seconds of fame. The Twitter stream on the displays showed social posts about the show. It was fun to monitor the buzz and see those profile pictures float by.2. Pick great partners. The team at DesignerPages.com rocks!...and the number one thing we learned at NeoCon is...1. Take the stairs!
Jun 17, 2011

Digital Signage Trends: Video Walls

In balmy Orlando, the InfoComm audio-visual conference has now wrapped up. All of the top names in digital signage were on hand to show off exciting new technology. One of the big trends this year was the multi-panel video wall system. According to Christine Persaud, writing for the Market News:“At InfoComm 2011 the second clear trend on the commercial end is video walls; whereby a series of flat panel TVs are daisy-chained to display a single image, or series of images that work together through a centrally controlled network. These can range from single 2 x 2 or 3 x 3 designs, to an infinite number of panels to take up a wall in a stadium, for More…
Jun 16, 2011

Unexpected Interactivity

This past weekend in Chicago, I visited Millennium Park and the famed "Cloud Gate" sculpture by Anish Kapoor.This strikingly beautiful (and surprisingly whimsical) public art piece had an unexpected call to interactivity. It made you want to play with your reflection by moving from side to side, by walking through the center of the display, and by getting your friends to take your picture. It caused a reaction, for sure.This week we announced the new Clarity Matrix Touch solution, which has added interactivity in new ways to video walls that both attract and engage. This is the promise of media walls and what the Clarity Matrix Touch delivers.
Jun 14, 2011

NeoCon 2011, First Two Days

By James WoodThe Windy City is currently playing host to the NeoCon Interior Design conference. As a part of the festivities, Planar is hosting the digital communication center. All the tweets, pictures and comments from around the floor are being routed to a 3x2 Clarity Matrix display (filtered for content, of course) and then streamed out to the passing throngs. This made the conversation online a tangible, interactive part of the event. Some of the highlights from the first two days at NeoCon were the cupcakes, provided by Sparkology, teasing everyone’s sweet tooth. Several exhibitors are enticing passersby with offers of iPads to be won. The More…
Jun 13, 2011

The Power of Wonder

This Socrates quote graces the wall of the Harold Washington Public Library in Chicago:This is very true this week as we participate in three trade shows in a single week. Wonder is the curiosity to learn new insights from our customers and to help them discover new technologies from Planar. Wisdom comes as we explore opportunities for partnership and innovation. What do you wonder this week?
Jun 10, 2011

Size Matters

By James WoodThe pyramids of Egypt rise up out of the sand on the Giza plateau defying imagination. In sheer size and the amount of labor required to build them they are truly wonders, which earned them the moniker even in ancient times. Of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World, the Great Pyramid at Giza is the only one to survive. Not a one of the other six wonders was diminutive.From huge statues like the Colossus of Rhodes and the statue of Zeus to giant buildings like the Temple of Artemis and the Lighthouse at Alexandria to immense undertakings like the Hanging Gardens of Babylon and the Mausoleum of Halicarnassus.Humanity has always celebrated More…
Jun 08, 2011

Get the Picture

By James WoodAs we piled into the car, I couldn’t help but feel another twinge of jealously. He was my friend and I was happy for him, I really was. But I was also incredibly jealous that as a senior in high school he got to drive a red 1966 Mustang. If it were a convertible I may not have been able to contain my envy. This day was like any other day, we were headed out after school for track practice. He turned the key and the beautiful engine roared to life bringing an involuntary smile to my face. A moment later it sputtered to silence. He twisted the key in the ignition again, but the engine refused to speak.The object of my envy was transformed, More…
Jun 06, 2011

Less Is More

By James WoodThe words of Tim Allen, playing Tim the-tool-man Taylor on TV, “More POWER!” are followed by a series of grunts. It feels manly to just think about it. More power must mean more options, better performance and improved productivity. Almost everything you see as you walk through your day is trying to convince you to get more: more meat on your burger, more money in your bank and more horse-power in your car. More, more more.What if “more” isn’t always the answer? What if less is more? The phrase comes from a poem by Robert Browning: Who strive – you don’t know how the others strive To paint a little thing like that you smeared Carelessly More…
Jun 02, 2011

Displays as Tough as Glass

By James WoodGlass has a reputation for being weak. When a boxer wants to talk about a foe who’s weak he might say: “He has a glass jaw.” Or there’s the old saying: “Those is glass houses shouldn’t throw stones.” We think of glass as being the weak link in our houses or cars. Wood and steel will protect us where polished glass will fail. Granted, the reputation of glass has been earned over a long time, but what glass is doing now is anything but weak.Glass is used to stop bullets in armored cars, to protect astronauts in space and to cover the screen of your smartphone. The brittle analogy for weakness has come a long way through the coaxing of More…
Jun 01, 2011

DOOH! is where the Growth is.

DOOH  sounded first like the grunt frequently uttered by Homer Simpson. In case you haven't come across it in other contexts than that of a cartoon so far, it actually spells out Digital Out Of Home, a well loved (?) abbreviation for the Digital Signage professionals. BBC's Shafir Sakr (30.5.2011) reports on outdoor advertising noting that industry experts are forecasting faster growth for digital signage than for any other media. JCDecaux is the current leader in the market place. In the video report JCDecaux's Jeremy Male notes that with digital signage "you can't turn the page or switch off, it is just there".Digital signage allows moving from More…