Aug 16, 2011

Oh, to Be a Kid Again

By Jennifer DavisYears ago, I remember sitting with my best friend Stacy and drafting a letter to Mattel®. In the letter we made a list, an impressive list if memory serves, of the kind of Barbies they should add to their line-up. Themed Barbies based on styles of clothing, hometowns, favorite sports teams and pets, and careers. I recall we received an encouraging, but non-committal form letter in response. Disappointed that we weren’t whisked off to Mattel’s headquarters to engineer their new holiday line-up, we went back our toys.Now, I hear that there is a brand-new "I Can Be...™ Architect Barbie®" available from Mattel in partnership with the More…
Aug 15, 2011

Cyviz Technology Center features Planar Flat Panel Displays

Cyviz, a global leader in collaborative telepresence and command and control solutions, will have the Grand Re-opening of its 7,000 square foot showroom known as the CTC™ (Cyviz Technology Center) in Washington, DC. The Grand Re-opening will feature five complete Cyviz solutions for command and control, high resolution, executive conference rooms and 3-D environments. Each solution incorporates Collaborative Telepresence and is named after a famous President.The CTC Washington, DC will feature two new solutions from Planar Systems for customers who require modular Flat Panel Displays.
Aug 11, 2011

Continuing Education Course Certified by the IDCEC

The Interior Design Continuing Education Council (IDCEC)* has certified the Planar course “Designing Media Walls: Imagery, Video and Information on Digital Canvases.” Now, members of the IDCEC will receive continuing education credit for completing the free, one-hour course. Interior design is increasingly colliding with technological innovation. So, Planar has developed free continuing education courses geared specifically for designers on how to integrate highly functional media-display walls into well designed spaces.Long gone are the days when integrating technology into your home or office meant giving up on aesthetics. The beige boxes and giant More…
Aug 09, 2011

Digital Signage Trends: LED Backlights

By James WoodThe description of digital signage might compete with the military for the EUA award (Excessive Use of Acronyms). You can look at getting an LCD with HDMI and DVI input so the PC content is in HD. Add to the list CCFL and LED when referring to the way the screen is lit. Since liquid crystal displays (LCDs) don’t produce any light, they need to be lit from behind. The old standard has been to use cold compact florescent lights (CCFL) because it produces a uniform light across the whole screen for an affordable price.But light emitting diodes (LEDs) have improved to the point where they are taking over for the CCFLs. The Planar ep46L and More…
Aug 04, 2011

Be in the Center of the Action

By James WoodOur field of view is everything that we can see at one time. Human sight can take in 180 degrees of horizontal visual information including the main vision and peripheral vision. From top to bottom, we can take in about 100 degrees of vision. So if you’re standing just ten feet from something it would need to be about 35 feet wide to fill you whole visual field (and about 20 feet tall). Since we can only really see with any clarity within about a 120 degree arc, the realistic size of an immersive screen would have to be 20 feet tall by 25 feet wide. A wall display that provided complete immersion for someone standing just 10 feet away More…
Aug 03, 2011

Planar 3D Exhibits at SIGGRAPH 2011

Planar Systems, Inc. will exhibit its StereoMirror/3D displays and a prototype of its 3D Matrix LCD Video Wall at SIGGRAPH 2011 in Vancouver, BC, August 9-11, 2011 in booth #683 at the Vancouver Convention Centre. Here's a preview of some of the displays which will be on exhibit at SIGGRAPH: The Planar SA2311W 3D Vision Ready monitor is designed for 3D viewing but ideal for 2D viewing, as well. Suitable for playing the latest 3D games or modeling complex biomolecules, Planar's SA2311W has a fast 120Hz frame rate and 2 ms response time. Planar's PX2491W color accurate professional monitor is ideal for creative professionals that depend on More…
Aug 02, 2011

Handmade and Beautiful

In the August issue of Wallpaper* magazine, they profile the exhibition they organized in the Brioni palazzo during Salon del Mobile in Milan this Spring. Congratulations to our friends at StudioDror for the dividing screen they exhibited with Alpi. Their design continues to inspire new uses and implementations.
Jul 28, 2011

Knowledge is Power!

Digital media is evolving. Designers and architects are looking beyond traditional uses like way finding and advertising. Using digital media in place of traditional print artwork to create a living space or configuring displays in a free-standing sculpture are just a few of the innovative and remarkable ways to move beyond the big black box. Even with mainstream media wall installations, you can transform a space or achieve business objectives in new and dynamic ways.Planar can help get you started in digital media design by offering an opportunity to learn the basics of designing media walls through our free online training course: Designing Media More…
Jul 25, 2011

Planar d82L with AccessChoice Receives the 2011 Best of InfoComm Award for Best Killer New App

On July 22, 2011 the Planar d82L with AccessChoice (introduced at InfoComm) was awarded the 2011 rAVe Best of InfoComm Award for Best Killer New App: "This is an 82" LCD (very well designed aesthetically, by the way) with off-board electronics - native 1080p. Because all the video signal processing and power supply is in an external processor, the 82" is sealed and is only 3.7" deep (amazing for the size of the display). But why the "Killer App" Award? Well, again, displays have become a commodity and any time a monitor manufacturer differentiates, we like that. But, in this case, this is something all display companies need to be looking at -- More…
Jul 21, 2011

Mood Lighting

There’s growing scientific research that shows mood lighting isn’t just a saying, it’s a physiological effect. In one study it’s shown that exposure to high levels of light in the time before sleeping reduces the depth and restfulness of sleep. Turning the lights down low signals our bodies to start unwinding and producing the melatonin necessary for restful slumber. But lots of times we’re in places where the lights are bright and shining in our faces.There’s also research that shows the major component of energy consumption on LCD screens is the brightness. According to CNET, “brightness trumps every other setting for saving power,” meaning that no More…